I MAKE MAPS. I make maps because I love maps. It has been this way since I was a boy. Making maps has always been the career I aspired to. Through much hard work, careful planning and perseverance I have been able to turn my childhood dream into reality. For the past 12 years I have supported myself entirely by the creation of projects involving maps on some level. My business practice has been to only take on work where the creation of a map is involved. I will create an entire publication, app or product if even a single original map is to be included. From standard locator maps to highly detailed illustrated maps I treat every map I create as a piece of art. For me maps are art.

In 2000 I received my Bachelor's of Fine Art degree from Emily Carr University of Art & Design located in Vancouver, Canada. Upon graduation I accepted a year long teaching position in Bangkok, Thailand at Udomsuksa School Lat Phrao where I taught Art and English. After completing my contract social contacts led to opportunities working freelance in Bangkok as a graphic artist. Those opportunities led to others, which eventually led me to work making maps for Thailand's largest contract publisher, Media TransAsia Thailand. For nearly 2 years I worked alongside Thai artists conducting the days work primarily in the Thai language. During my time working at Media Trans Asia I had an opportunity to work making layouts for more than magazine 10 titles, including PATA Compass the magazine of the Pacific Asian Travel Association, which required the creation of numerous maps each issue.

An online job advertisement from Discovery Map International drew me back to the USA in June of 2004. For nearly two years I worked with 10 different franchisees to create their maps and advertising. Although I gained invaluable project management experience, I found myself wanting to make maps of a different sort. I yearned to make maps that did not rely on advertising geared toward the tourism industry.

During my first four years in Thailand I had invested much energy into learning to speak and read the Thai language. The year and a half I spent away from Thailand made me realize that I had learned a language for which I wouldn't ever have much use for, unless I was in Thailand. So I quit my position at Discovery Map in early 2006 and in March of that year moved back to Bangkok to live making maps. This began 9 years of working from week to week, map to map to survive. All total I spent nearly 15 years in Thailand, immersing myself in the culture, learning the language, dealing with the day to day struggles that came with being forever a foreigner. Most importantly however was the fact that Thailand provided me with a very affordable place to live and focus entirely on building my map portfolio.

In April 2015 a variety of circumstances brought me back home to live permanently in the USA. To start, I have returned home to my birthplace of Bellingham, Washington, USA to begin a life making maps living in my own culture. Looking towards the future I have an open mind about where my life may go. Wherever amazing opportunities making maps present themselves I will go.

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